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If a nitrous car can hit X amount of horsepower and a turbo/supercharged car can hit the same level, and a NA car can hit about 50whp less, the nitrous car would still come in last place if you were to take all four cars around Laguna Seca for 1 lap.
Not completely true. If you were to pit an STi against a Lotus elise on Laguna Seca I would bet on the less powerful elise to take the win. Horsepower is not everything when it comes to racing on the track.

How so? n02 can be activated in a number of ways. Like at WOT, so you can use it up the back straight and the front staight or maybe the spurt from turn 3-4 and then between 5-6 to the kink leading up to the back straight...

Basically you can use it like an on/off switch or you can trigger it based on a set of parameters like TPS, RPM etc. It's not just for drag racing. Although it will be interesting to see how it behaves in a road course setting which is where we will use it.
Yeah nitrous can be activated in a number of ways, but I just don't see how it's going to be very useful on a track. Sure you can use it on the straights, but is that really going to help you that much? Probably not. That and the fact that if you're WOT on those straights, that bottle of nitrous is not going to last you no more than a couple of laps at the very most.

The nice thing about a turbo compared to nitrous when considering these types of racing conditions, is the fact that power and boost is built up gradually. With the nitrous, it's going to be a full on hit at WOT, and is going to put a lot more stress on your drivetrain than a turbo ever would.

Now, I'm not against putting a nitrous set up on a RS. In fact I'm all for it. However I feel, as many others probably do, that if you were to put nitrous on the ZtH car, then that would defeat the whole purpose, and you would have totaly de-railed from the original goal of the ZtH RS. The goal was to beat an STi in drag, track, stoping etc. with a fully built N/A RS. Nitrous is a form of forced induction. Therefore if you had to use nitrous to do it, then you didn't do it on a fully built all motor RS.

Your build as is, is farily impressive. I don't think you got near the power you thought you would,or we hoped you would, but it's still a great improvement over stock. You're now at that point where you have a great base to jump from. It's time to be innovative, and to push the limits. If zzyzx can build a 300chp all motor subaru, then I'm sure you can get fairly close to the same power output. You just have to get beyond the dd friendly cams and head work, and start getting agressive. It's time to do some R&D and see what these motors can really do. IMO I don't see why it's not possible to have one of these motors crank out 100-110hp per litre, and still be driveable on the street.

Hopefully you guys get back on track, and put more into building a great N/A car. Save the nitrous for when you want to make 300+whp.
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