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Talking HAHA

That's funny. I actually printed these two dyno's and manualy imposed one on top of the other to see the difference back when Pat first spread the word of the MRT, etc... dyno day.

I do like the rev-happyness of the dohc, but man is that torque band FAT with the sohc. In "heated" driving I supose it would be about even (keeping it on the boil) in terms of acceleration - but around town, and cruisin' up the mnt that Tq would be a welcomed addition.

anyway - this just furthers my cause of sourcing a wrx motor to replace the dohc in me GT! (there is no stoping me now - I was trounced by a silver rex wagon on the street, and my wife , who was in the car, said "baby, we gotta get you a TURBO!")

sweeeeeeeeet she is soooo coool!

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