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Default I've gotten into a similar accident

C'ept the lights were yellow to red. I was making a left turn and the other party was going straight through the light. I was in the intersection on a green, the light turned yellow, then it turned red at which the same time I wrongfully assumed that the other party was going to stop, so I proceeded to make my LT. The other guy ran the red and hit my mom's car which I was driving.

In any case, I got ticketed for "Failing to yeild for right-away" and the other dude got ticketed for running a red light. I had three witnesses from the various sides of the intersection (it was a "T" type intersection) say that the other party ran the red light. Needless to say, the case I presented to ICBC was strong and was found completely fault free.

As for the ticket, I disputed it and won. I won't go into the details of how I disputed the ticket, not unless you really want to know Sandy.

In any case, my suggestion to your mother, would be to write down as much as she can remember from the incident. Time of day, weather conditions, who was where, draw a picture of the incident, estimate speed and distances, etc. and bring that to your adjuster. That way, your statement will already be prepared. Hope this helps.

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