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Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
Not always.

For some reason over the past 2 weeks I have seen a HUGE increase of people answering posts with just horribly incorrect info. Not all horribly info, some just wrong. Either way....

I have ended up being a bit of a dick in a few of these situations, and I apologize (a little anyway ), simply because its getting old real fast. There have always been a few responses with bad info here and there, but as of about the last 2 weeks (this week has been really bad), it has just gone out of control. Almost every thread has people just dishing out bad info as fact. If it continues on this path we are a month away from people actually believing that a BOV and CAI are a great way to make power.

Here is the thing, when someone asks a question, they need the correct answer, and in some cases, the answer they get could lead them to either fix a problem, or create a MAJOR problem with a failure.

I am not asking people to not respond at all, who the hell am I to ask that?

What I am asking is that, in the interest of keeping good, up to date info out there for all to benefit from is this.

When someone asks a question, if you do not KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you have the CORRECT answer, please dont answer, or if you arent 100% sure, then somehow indicate that your info MAY not be dead on. The wrong answer you give, may end up costing someone time/money/effort. Or it may just spread more bad info, which isnt a good thing either.

A reply that is a guess, is FINE!!! By all means do it. But for the love of god, EXPLAIN THAT ITS A GUESS!

Honestly guys, please dont take this wrong, this isnt me trying to be a dick, this is me trying to help keep good info out there for all to benefit from. There are two types of people that come into the Newbie forum.
1. Those who need an answer
2. Those who want to help.

If you are giving out bad info, you arent helping. I know we all want to help people out, and we all have something to say (lord knows we all know that about me ) but please, for the good of all, make sure you are giving out good info M'kay?

Thanks for your time, flame away. I am sure somehow this post makes me an a-hole
Nice one.
On TEH INTARNETS everyone is an anonymous genius.
Cutting out responses people base on things they simply imagine is a good move. A lot of places issue a temporary ban for users dishing out bull***** as fact...
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