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Default Perrin FMIC Final Install 04 STi (pics)

I purchased my Perrin FMIC from Gruppe-s (they pricematched to give me a good deal) I chose to use the regular perrin short ram - NOT the big maf since I am utilizing the stock turbo.
A hard part part was those dang clips that attach the bumper to the fender. I got angry and just cut them off.... Then I used one of the leftover clips from where the grille/bumper attaches to the front bumper beam below the hood latch, to affix the bumper back to the side fenders on the inside.
Oh And I just want to tell everyone, no instructions were used for the install. Thanks to my friend Cody.

This is a shot from the front of the car. Notice the bumper trim job. About, a quarter the way through my dremmel died. I only had one battery and I was not interested in waiting. Surprisingly, my friend Cody and I decided to use another tool. The box cutter we used to cut the final trimming of the bumper was one of the best decisions of the install. All that we did was tape off 2 inches from the edge of the bumper (make sure the tape is straight) and go at it with a box cutter with a new blade. At first, we scored the bumper on the surface to have a good guide to cut all the way through. And dag on - it worked real well.

An engine bay shot. Notice all the red -!!! One hangup on the perrin kit is that t-bolt clamps are not included.

One 'problem' was that on the connection comming off the turbo as seen in the picture - there is a little transmission breather bracket. This bracket was overly close to the silicone and there was not a clean clearance for this tiny bracket and the piping. What did we do? Bend the ***** out of it!!! No, actually kinda. Just bent this little bracket backwards, and I was still able to use the bracket to hold the hose (just in a little different position).

This is actually kinda funny, The kit comes with 2 little brackets - I think for 06 models - and the longer prob. for the bov. I was hung up on using these brackets somewhere and found a use for one (prob. the intended use) but I would love to take credit for the idea. What was done was the bracket was attached to the back of the blow off valve and then to the intake manifold. I assume that was the intended use since things fit just too well for it to be a 'make do' mod. This little bracket supports the bov so no rattle is heard or happens. This little bracket is awesome.

I was aware that the fmic did not retain fog light mounting. I just thought it went into the area where they were installed. Boy was I in for a wake up. You actually have to trim the heck out of the fog light mounting points in the bumper as seen in the picture. Not really a big deal but more of a pain to do more trimming.

In short, anyone can do this install. Took me and a few friends the good part of the day... as in several hours. Best part was riding down the road with the inner wheel well protectors zip tied up and without a front bumper, then having the bov tube blow off b/c i forgot to tighten things down, and utilizing a dime to tighten the clamp. (that was fun man!), really.

I had heard many fmic dissenters on the forum stating there was no point to it for stock cars. Well my car is stock and the difference is phenominal. And NO there is no boost lag!!!!!!!!! If you are thinking about doing a fmic with a mostly stock sti - dont think about it - do it!
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