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Originally Posted by neko View Post
doesn't a company or two already make this?

So essentially you'd have to do it cheaper.
TWR's kit is $649 for adapters and 2x 2-piece rotors.

In fact i've also heard the rotors in question can be had from Brembo already. They make a kit with calipers, adapters, and rotors, all setup for the R160 driveline.
I believe basically the calipers are identical to the STi Brembo rears (they even come in gold). Unfortunately the price on this kit is $1400 or so.

If only someone could get pricing from them to sell their adapters and rotors without the calipers? or perhaps just the rotor, and produce the adapter?

just a couple ideas for ya. not puttin ya down or anything. I am definately interested in a bolt-on Brembo setup.
I already run 4-pot/2pots on my WRX, all bolt-on. (I have some of the original japanese-market 2pot rear adapters)
We've been down this road 100 times and I am well aware of what Brembo makes.

The Brembo GT rear kit for WRX IS the same caliper as the rear STi kit.

The kit is sold with brackets to adapt the Brembo caliper to the R160 hub and an STi rear rotor that has a insert inside the park brake drum to fit to the smaller R160 park brake assembly.

The kit is $1495 retail - of course you can find someone to sell it to you cheaper by $100 or so.

You cannot get the brackets seperatley from Brembo - and the 'special' rotors are $289 each retail. They also are ridiculously heavy due to the insert. Soooooo I think it can be done better.
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