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Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
If by sleeper you mean putting you asleep while driving I'd agree

.6 seconds 0-60 difference isn't really "close" That's like saying the WRX is close to the STi 0-60
Forget about the god-damn standing starts already. That does NOT show acceleration.

They have almost identical acceleration, the WRX just cuts a quick 60' from teh launch.

Get out on the highway/stragiht away of a road course, and the WRX will NOT pull away from MANY MANY MANY V6 Family sedans.


Power/weight and acceleration is best indicated by a 1/4 trap speed, not a 0-whatever test.

Case in point....take a look at a 5-60 time for the two...

In a staright line, those cars are near equals. As with a V6 Camry/Maxima/Altima etc. etc. A 2.0l WRX vs. a V6 Accord...forget about it. The Honda is pulling away ALL day, even though it runs .8 seconds slow to 60 from a stading start.
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