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Originally Posted by hippy View Post
I noticed b4 in the pictures that there was no hsv. Imo this is a good step in keeping the price down, and with all the safety devices the kit comes with, it really seems like a great deal. Imo an injection system in no way needs the kind of control the hsv gives, and if aquamist came out with a system that uses something else to control flow, chances are it will work more then well enough. My gripe about most pump control systems isn't so much that the pump controls the flow, but that the controller uses boost pressure to determine how much flow their should be. This kit seems like it uses the fia2 which tracks idc's, and imo this is a much better way to determine how much an injection system should put out.

A boost switch should be able to be added to any system and costs less then $20(not sure, richard back me up?). Course people with utecs and hydra should be able to turn the systems on when they want(at a given boost, rpm, or whatever).....

Hippy, you are right, manifold pressure switch is not supplied with the system. There are a number of places where you can splice one in and make it work just like the 2d's MPS.
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