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Default Element Tuning Time Attack Car at Subiefest

Greetings all,

Two weeks ago, Subaru enthusiasts from all over the nation decended upon Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA for the first annual Subiefest, put on by Subiesport Magazine. One of the main events at Subiefest was the All-Subaru Time Attack, so we invited Phil from Element Tuning to bring his car up from California to compete. Phil was already down in California, first for SEMA and then the Primedia Time Attack at Buttonwillow Raceway, so making the drive up to Washington would be no biggie. Here it is while it was still in California:

As it turns out, the car had to be driven up to Seattle, so we sent Jonathan to meet the car half way in southern Oregon and drive it back up. Driving 14 hours straight, Jonathan has his own story about the drive down and back, so I'll let him fill everyone in later In any case, the car arrived and Phil wanted to switch out the bolt-on GT52 turbo kit for the GT65 kit, as well as do some suspension tweaks and brake ducting. Thus, we had the car up on the lift just about as soon as it drove in:

As you can see, here's a shot of the Prodrive GC-010G race wheels with 275 Toyo RA1 rubber, with no rubbing under the rolled fenders:

Switching out the bolt-on GT52 for the rotated mount GT65, along with the suspension and brake duct tweaks, was no simple task. The World One techs worked with Phil throughout the night to get the car prepped and ready for the Time Attack the next morning. Most everyone got maybe half an hour of sleep that night. Having the longest commute out of the World One crew, I was fortunate enough to get 4 hours of sleep.

The next day I was back down at the shop at 6 am. We caravaned down to Pacific Raceways with the two Perrin cars as well as Project One, entering the gates at around 7 am. Garret rode along with Phil during his first practice runs, tweaking the Hydra EMS to match the track. Phil's not one to really take it easy on any track, resulting in running off the track once and causing some body damage to the Zerosports front bumper, but it wasn't anything that duct tape wouldn't temporarily fix. With the practice laps out of the way, Phil was on his own and the first out on the track for the Time Attack.

After 3 hot laps, Phil ended up with a best time of 1:33. The next fastest was PDX Tuning's own Mick the Ginge, lapping the track at 1:37. Unfortunately, a track accident caused the rest of the Time Attack to be cancelled, so no official winner could be named. Very thankfully, the driver ended up with only relatively minor injuries, despite how scary things felt for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, the near all-nighter paid off with a very respectable time for the Element Tuning Time Attack car, which according to Phil was still running on the low boost setting of 25 psi.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take these pictures following Subiefest, and drive the car around our building! Haha, w00t! Thanks for looking...enjoy!

Armin @ W1

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