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Originally Posted by BrigadoonB View Post
I want one please......what's it specs?
I don't remember all of Phil's mods, but this is what I do remember...

Element Tuning GT65 turbo kit, including uppipe and downpipe
Dual fuel pumps (sorry, don't remember which right now)
1000cc injectors (sorry, don't remember which right now)
Espelir JGT-500 catback
JIC FLT-A2 coilovers (Element Tuning spec)
Hotchkis sway bars
Clutchmasters clutch
Prodrive GC05F (street) and GC010G (track)
Toyo T1R (street) and RA1 (track)
Zerosports front bumper
Seibon CWII-style CF hood
APR GTC-200 adjustable CF spoiler
Sparco Evo L and Evo 2 seats
Sparco Mugello steering wheel
NRG quick release steering wheel hub
Autopower roll cage
Satellite radio for those long road trips!
Fully gutted interior

Once I get full confirmation on the above mods, I'll update this post

Originally Posted by SQC120 View Post
so.. u got to drive it..
where's the details?
turbo lag? how was the power delivery? susp? ! details!!
Well, here's the funny thing. I got to drive it yes, but not much Garret drove it out behind our building for the pictures, and left the keys with me. It then started to rain, so I packed up all my camera equipment and hopped in. I turn the key to prime up the dual fuel pumps...holy crap, they're loud. Even being accustomed to the "loud" Walbro pump in my car, these were easily at least 3 times as loud, and the loud humming resonated through the gutted interior. I then turned the key to start the motor and it sounded like an even more angry version of my car (since I also have an Espelir catback). I revved it a few times and it was sweet bliss.

Now, since both Garret and Phil are quite a bit taller than I am (us Pinoys aren't tall), I thought "oh hey I'll just slide the seat forward." DOH...guess not...the seat was not moving very much at all. So, I scooted the seat up (those Sparcos are UBER comfrortable, btw) as much as I could and pushed in the clutch. The clutch isn't heavy feeling at fact it feels very close to a stock clutch. However, due to me being vertically challenged, I couldn't get the clutch down all the way at first and I stalled it. I felt like a total dumbass. Fired it up again, and I was able to get the car moving, albeit a little jittery.

I just had the move the car to the front of the building. It's not a long drive, and with the rain I wasn't about to stomp on it in the parking lot (not that I would've anyway). Thus, I drove it around front and parked it. w00t? Eh, not really...but hey, I'll take it for now

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