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Default you know you own an impreza when...

1. you dont understand why people get stuck in the snow

2. you think your car sounds better than a muscle car

3. you hope it rains the day of autocrosses

4. you go faster on the on ramp then you do on the freeway

5. you know what RE92 means and you dont want anything to do with them

6. people ask you to do burnouts and you roll your eyes

7. you forget whats its like to lose traction in a turn

8. you understand that 300 whp is the perfect number

9. you dont notice a difference driving in the rain or on dry

10. you hate that the gas cap doesnt have anywhere to sit, and you dont want it to touch the quarter panel

11. people ask you if the hood scoop does anything

12. you've made fun of a friends bugeye for having neon headlights

13. your bugeye has been made fun of by a friend for having neon headlights

14. you like the color cherry blossom red, but not pink

15. you know what 555 means

16. you look forward to getting coilovers, but springs will do for now

17. when you tell people you put your headlights in the oven to clear them they look at you like your an idiot

18. you concentrate more on the tach then the speedo

19. you think the S202 is the hottest car ever

20. you dont understand why people use BOVs, BPVs work perfect

21. you never get tired of the sound from your exhaust

22. you never want to get a car that isnt a subaru

23. anything more than 18" rims are rediculous

24. you dont mind getting smoked by a cobra, because you know he wouldnt last a second in real conditions (snow, rain, mud)

25. all other imports think they have to prove something to you

26. you dont have a cigarette lighter

27. you know that COBB isnt what corn comes on

28. if you had an STi, the first thing to go would be the wing

29. you know Rota makes good wheels

30. your never done modding your car

31. you dream about getting your car painted flat black

32. everyone breaks their necks staring at your car

33. you hear random engine revs all the time from civics ect

34. you consider yourself a noob even though you've owned your car for a year

35. when you open a car with framed windows when the windows are down, you hit your head on the frame

36. you forgot to swap tension springs when you swapped trunks with someone

37. people think your car is slow cuz you dont lose traction in first

38. you think underglow, neons, and LEDs are so dumb.

39. you log onto NASIOC everyday

40. you dont know what real understeer feels like
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