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Default Rustproofing. Worth it?

When I bought the car we opted to have rustproofing thrown in as part of the price. However, I've yet to take my car in and was thinking about cancelling it.

Is it worth it? It's $1000 on top of the total price of my car. Don't they rustproof it from the factory? I know Alaska is a little harder on cars than most areas (not as hard as say Minnesota or Ohio though) so would it be better to go with it? I intend to keep it for a long time.

They told me they actually go under the body panels and do it, and that it deadens some of the sound coming from the road. I also intend to install a nice stereo system in my subie so I wonder if this would help that at all as well.

I also intend to cancel my $2300 extended warranty. By the time I'm done with my car, there's no frikkin' way they're going to warranty it so why pay extra, right? I can always get more later.

What'cha think?
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