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Default Southwest Car Enthusist - Tortilla Flats Drive - BBQ...Arizona Related!!

Hey guys I haven't been on this board much (never in the regional forums), but I am planning a large Tortilla Flats drive and BBQ for all the internet sites in Phoenix that I could think of (, AZBMW, AZAUDI, AZAWD, EVOM, 3SI) so I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone from Nasioc as well...I don't want this to be a which group has the largest pee pee, but more as something that people can meet eachother, check out rides, eat some food, hang out, and most importantly get their cars out and drive them...If you need any reference to my character since there will be a bbq afterwards that requires paypal feel free to hop onto vortex where I am a mod...oh with the announcement:

Please don't forget to Paypal the money for the BBQ: [email protected][/b]
When: January 7th, 2007
Where- Tortilla Flats/Canyon Lake
Time- Starting at 9:30 AM
How Much-$5-10 USD
Who is Invited- Everyone...except maybe Zach (j/k little guy)
Why- Because we haven't done it in awhile and it is the holidays
[b]More info and maps provided below...also check the other thread to see how the turnout is:;_ylc=X3...mag=7;_ylc=X3...mag=5

The Plan:

For those of you who have attended before know how much fun it can be driving through the twisties and also know how much fun it is to have a large group of people go to hang out, eat, and look at cars...

This time I would like to do things a little different, instead of eating at the Canyon Lake restaurant that seems to not really like having us around, I am asking everyone to paypal $5-10 per person for a large BBQ at one of the picnic areas...It should be a little chilly but nothing as cold as the last Flagstaff BBQ...I will take care of all the shopping at Sams Club and such (maybe Martin will help me since I helped him last time)...I can arrange for someone to take all the coolers of food and drinks up in another car so I can take part in the fun driving also...

I am suggesting 3 places to meet up...Exklusiv Motorsports off of 19th ave and Rose Garden...(assuming it is ok with Derek) at 9:00 AM sharp...McDonalds on I-10 and Elliot at 9:00 AM sharp and in the AJ's parking lot on Val Vista and US-60 at 9:30 AM sharp and we can all roll out from there...probably will meet up before we head up the hill one more time to get the group together...There will be places for photo ops at the end of the drive since there is a large spot where the cars can gather...

Please post up any correspondence
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