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the intake started life as a JCS intake that i bought off of brysimpreza for $100, and then i got a lenghth of aluminum pipe that extended the filter further up into the engine's slightly flared out at the end so it fits over the end of the intake so there's a tight seal. he included something very similar when i bought the intake, but for some reason i couldn't get it to fit, so i went and found a shorter one.

before i was just running it at the stock length, and it would absolutely SCREAM above in EVERY head on the block would turn if you stepped on it. now it's a bit quieter and throatier sounding, plus it seems to work much better, with a minimal loss of top end power. i never noticed any low end loss with the intake at the stock length, except it would bog in traffic in hot weather when you started up until it sucked all the hot air out of the engine bay. now that's pretty much gone, although i'd still like to get a 'proper' hood on my car that has some vents in it to keep the intake cool before the nice hot FL summer weather gets in full swing (yeah, i know, too late).

the 4pt cost me $80...i got a little bit of a deal on it, so they usually run about 90-95. WELL worth the money spent. i was about to start working on suspension mods, then i put the harness in and was amazed at the difference. so much of those 'negative' handling characteristics you run across in and auto-x type situation is simply your body fighting the forces of physics. plus, my long commute isn't as tiring wearing the harness. you'd be amazed how much energy you expend keeping yourself in the seat. although i don't reccommend this, since 4 points aren't 'street legal' per se.

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