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Question Gatineau Subaru

Mart242 I am the owner of the Gatineau Subaru dealership...I do not understand why you wrote those nasty words... I personnally called you myself to see how your visit went and I apologized because you seemed to be offended by my sales rep. I spoke to him myself and, according to him you and your friend were very impolite and rude...He has an excellent track record for customer service and it was not his fault he was not authorized to reduce prices. Normally either I or my assistant are in the store to give the best possible price. Matt specifically told you to see me...That day one of my employee's father died and we were understaffed...I waited till seven pm for your visit before finally leaving to eat my first meal of the day... This business is our baby and we pride ourselves in giving good & honest service...sorry you caught us on a bad day... Good luck with Westboro...By the waydid you check out their door rate???
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