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Originally Posted by MarkRx View Post
hifive! did you get points for that? bahahaha! when i read usless unabomber comments, i just keep it to myself, he won't live forever.... then soon we'll have a more user friendly mod that won't chastise every other post.
Why yes he did, would you like some as well? I apologize for my useless comments as though they are useless they are based upon an amount of Subaru experience that's width and breadth are beyond you. One day you may need my advice, wisen up and realize that though some people on this forum aren't 100% PC with their posts, their hearts are in the right place. Ever make a long distance call to Australia researching parts for someone else? I have. Ever drive 4 hours to meet someone you've never met to research parts for someone else. I have. Ever spent $50 to buy a dB meter to give quantitative data for other people to decide what exhaust is right for them. I have. Ever spent $100 three years in a row to host local Subaru events. I have. Ever contributed to the research of others on intakes, exhaust, etc. I have. I could go on and on my friend and the reason why I am being civil to you about this is because one day your brain may contain the nugget of information which I need. This is a private forum, if you don't like it you are free to leave and I've spend too much time and money for the benefit of everyone here to take any guff off of anyone so I apologize in advance if anyone feels slighted in my occasional gruff behavior.
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