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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by MarkRx View Post
I already got points from you when you got "offended" When can the users of this board give the mods points? after all this board IS for the users, right? i don't get my jollies by dishing out points on a silly BBS, I have a life... My wife, who is an engineer prob making 3x your salary just laughed and called you a retard. You day you may need her advise too. lol. BUT one thing i did notice is you apologized, which is a rare moment for you. so i'll ease off... I don't want to have to make up more fake accounts just to browse the board, j/k.
...but has your wife ever served her country????

...and if I was as close to Cobb as you are.....

....and Cobb has their own board for the AP....

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