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Thumbs up Genuine FPGreen Group Buy, Finally!

It's been way too long since our last group buy, and if memory serves me correctly we have yet to offer one to the NASIOC guys!

We just got 4 skids of Subaru turbos and parts, mostly 8cm and TD06 parts.

Would any of you be interested in a reduced price group buy on this popular turbo? We suppose it is a popular turbo since everyone else likes to say theirs is as good as a FPGreen, or just like an FPGreen, or is somehow Green in nature

If a dozen or so of you say yes, I will post up the highly discounted group buy sales prices and then start taking your orders. This will be a little different than a typical group buy, in that we will not accept money first, then order the parts, then build the turbos then ship the turbos. We'll just let you call in and order them at the low price if you say you saw it on the NASIOC and then just ship it out right then and there, no waiting.

These discounted units are not oddballs or seconds or anything like that. These are REAL and GENUINE FPGREEN MODEL turbochargers, and all feature our new improved TD06H+ turbine wheel. Most will need to be 8cm housings as that is what we are most deeply overstocked with at this time. It will be hard for the competition to offer this one SINCE WE HAVE NOT SOLD IT TO THEM YET!

Checkout the product page on our website for more tech type details if you are interested, there are pictures there showing the difference in the old TD06H wheel that we have not been using for almost 4 months now and our TOTALLY NEW TD06H+ wheel that gives improved spool and better top end flow due to its increased efficiency and reduced blade restriction.

Additionally, all these turbochargers come with the new spec port job which DOES control boost to manageable pump gas levels even with catless 3" or larger exhaust systems.

I want to remind everyone that we have lots of work to do and don't get to read the board very often, so please send your questions directly to us via email or even better, call 972-984-1800 if you need answers.

Boost on brothers!

Robert Young
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Robert Young

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