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Default MadDad(TM) Whisper Dual Tip Catback

I'm happy to report our Whisper Dual Tip Catback is a home run on every pitch. We test fitted the one-off this evening and it fits better than stock. There were a few of us at the garage late this evening and everyone was in agreement this thing fits absolutely perfect. Not only are the 3.5" double walled slash cut tips right at home...they are centered perfectly with just the right amount of clearance everywhere. We didn't have a db meter with us tonight. The exhaust previously on this wagon was a Whisper single tip so we all made a note of the tone of the single tip(noting garage echo) before installing the dual tip. As can be expected the tone of the dual is quite similiar but eveyone picked up immediately on the deeper tone(if you can believe it...the single is pretty deep as it is). Lots of grins, in particular on its new owners face who wanted a dual tip Whisper a year ago. Things got even better when he took the car out for a rip. We noticed when driving full tilt boogie in the upper rpm ranges this thing takes on a jeckle-hyde audio change that does not appear on the single tip. We had the car do a few passes to verify it was the exhaust. Bascially you can count on this sounding much like a WRC Rally car at the top of the RPM range. I'll try and grab a sound bite of this in the next week since it's very difficult to describe in words. I can say it put a smile on everyones face that was watching and listening with an open ear. The driver claims there is a butt dyno difference as well, but that could just be the uphoria of having the dual tip he always wanted to begin with(though it might be true with the dual baffles running the full length of the canister enhancing the flow).

The Dual tip will run $30 more than a single tip but for this first production run we will hold the $649.95 price of the single tip. So order now and save $30. The Whisper Caback is hand crafted in the USA. Expected shipping is the tail end of January. It is a MadDad(TM) product and holds the MadDad(TM) two week money back gaurantee..even after you've installed it.


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