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Thumbs up Crucial Racing Turbocharger porting, polishing, and coating services! <<< REALLY nice

Please E-Mail ( [email protected] ) if you have a turbo you would like done! We'll get you the shipping details and whatnot in response.

We're ready to roll out our Crucial Racing Systems turbocharger services in full force! We've been doing it on an as-asked basis for a while, and it's time to take it to the next level.

What we offer is a full port, polish, and thermal coat of both sides of the turbo. Each side gets ported by a true master, who has been doing this for ~ 36 years. He ports with the intention of improving the efficiency of the turbo, and does nothing just for aesthetics. He is capable of actually porting up inside of the 'snail' where much of the largest improvements to the turbo's efficiency come from.

After the porting is done, the turbine housing (exhaust side) gets thermal barrier coated as per our process HERE. This keeps the heat inside of the exhaust gas where it belongs, keeping energy and velocity high and improving turbo spool and response. Also, it significantly lowers the amount of heat radiated by the turbine and this drops underhood temperatures. The compressor housing is then thermal dispersant coated. This unique coating improves a metal's ability to radiate heat into the air around it (also very popular on intercoolers, radiators, oil pans, brake calipers, cylinder heads, etc). The compressor housing stays cooler because of this coating, and outlet temperatures drop. Lower outlet temps means less work for your intercooler and cooler air entering the engine. Efficiency of the turbo -- on both sides -- is further enhanced with these professional and very functional coatings. Plus.... they come out jet black and dead sexy

The gentleman who does the porting work charges $500 for this exact service for the various race teams and individuals that he does it for. Thanks to a special arrangement we have, we are able to offer the service to you for $275 to $300! The price spread is there because some turbos take longer than others and some arrive in better condition (rust, etc) than others. The only extra cost is return shipping to you.

Turn around is ~ two weeks from arrival of the turbo here to when we ship it back out. Usually it only takes one, but please plan for two just in case.

Here are some pictures of various finished turbos! ...again, please e-mail for details on how to send us your turbo for this service...

FP Green

GT 30/35/65's

....with a few VF40's from Legacy GT's thrown in for size comparison purposes...

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