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Thanks! Ya the GT4094R is a great next step. It got enough more air flow to easily make it to 700WHP on pump fuell. At least that is my guess. Thanks for the nice words!!

We could have easily done more power on C16. I think we could get very close to 700, but with in reason the turbo is just not going to flow tons more air. We stuck with 92 pump fuel and 50/50 meth injection as this is such a common setup, and something anyone can run every day. C16 is just not feasable to run every day. I have 15K on this car, and 11K are with the H6. Had i been running C16 it would have cost a fortune!

Drag strip yes! As bad as this might sound, i am a drag guy. So don't expect anything super crazy. But at i expect high MPH, just not good 60ft times. In a couple of months the track will be open again. Look for some numbers soon!

turbo tecnica,
Thanks! That is really be best thing to look at, Boost vs, power. It is nice to think about how much stress there is on the engine to get to 600WHP.

What is next...... Well beat the car up some more, prove the engine is good to hold 600WHP every day. Then by the time Subiefest is over, and as August approaches its time to start thinking about the 08 car. Hmmm.... 2008 STI with 3.5L????

dan avon7,
Yup 4094R, the only reason why a 42R is not in the near future is lag. 4000RPM is perfect, not to much lag, and still responsive enough. But you never know!

3 builds does suck, but that is how you learn!

Kits, we do get this question alot, and at this point no. As fun and as cool as this project is, its just not something for everyone. So there would be very few people that actually would buy the kit, and it would be very expensive. As Jeff S mentioned, PDXTuning has quoted 20K-30K. Its also hard to offer a warranty for something like that.

This next year we are going to be traveling around the country to hit more and more events, so i am sure you can. Or if you make it the Portland area, stop by!

I hope 10's, but like i said, i am not a drag racer. So it might do 13's but with trap speed of 150!!

That is very nice! You did your WG just like i did. Simple and effective. Please don't take this the wrong way, can you start your own post with those pics? And possibly remove your post?? Please don't take that the wrong way, i think your build deserves its own thread. Glad to see the Aussies going crazy also!

1.COST COST COST COST!! Already this thing was pretty expensive, and to add that cost into the build, and the fact the whole thing may not have been able to hold the power. This was a risky build as it is!

2.Plans, yes, drags, a track day or 2 to make sure things can hold up under extended torture. Then there is Subiefest 2, time attacks and a few other things we plan on doing.

3.No stalling?? The hydra is a great tool, but it can be a little finicky when setting it up. The stalling thing is fixed with some tweaks in the Hydra, and it hasn't been a problem for about a year or so.

Again thank you everyone for the nice comments! Sorry this is along post, i hope no one got bored or lost during the reading!
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