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Thank you! That was the original goal, Ultimate Street Car. Isn't there an event called that??............

Not completely sure, but 50lbs have been thrown around. But that is the entire thing. We weighed our cars one time and found that my car weighed about 100lbs more than the other STI's. BUt mine also had an Autopower roll bar in it.


Starting 2nd is very doable with this car. I completely agree, a built 5speed box, that goes to 200MPH would be perfect for the torque this has. Was it worth it?? Yes, it had its ups and down, but in the end it is fun, sounds cool and is very unique.

1.I think you are talking about the OEM springs. They are very very weak, and they will not hold any large amount of boost. We were surprised they did as good as they did on the first build. But this build has Supertech springs and retainers. So boost and 8000RPM will be no problem.

Or maybe you are talking about the lift?? These is strange phenomenon when the lift is turned on too low, but that is also fixed, we just turn the lift on later.

2. Nope that header is good enough. And actually the pules are just fine. Meaning the firing order works perfect collecting both head together, then up to each scroll. But some changes to make the collectors longer and exactly equal length could be done. But for very very minor gains.
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