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Originally Posted by IIdiceII View Post
you skipped round 22222
Oops! I fixed it. We are actually on Round 5 now, he he he.

I got so fed up with the dent in front of my fuel door, I knew it was just a matter of time before I HAD to do something. The placement of the dent is what killed me. It was such that a big piece of the car would have to be painted for it to match. I almost thought of selling the car, but I had this vision of the WRC car stuck in my head. I thought how cool would that be to pull off something like that with a street version.

I didn't want a replica (anyone can do that). I wanted something that emulated the WRC car but in a Prodrive/Subaru factory special edition sort-of-way. To emulate the presence of the real WRC car, but still have an everyday street car, I knew certain things had to be in place. It's all in the details.

Since I found a bunch of flaws in the first round of bodywork, I knew I had to find someone else who can get the quality I wanted.

Enter Myers Bodyworks. I found these guys by way of a fellow WRX owner. He had custom airbrushing on the side of his car. When the car got into multiple accidents, Myers fixed the damage, and re-did parts of the airbrushing each time. It matched perfect. Thus a relationship formed with me and Myers...

Round 5

Strip that thang!

We stripped the car and interior while I worked on the "details".

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