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The other engine was perfectly fine, and that is what i used to build what you see today. Bearings, sleeves, and all that were just fine. The pistons were perfectly but they were Supertech forged pistons. The rods were fine, but as Jeff Sponaugle found out, they are a weak link.

But if you wanted to run the engine stock, i think you could do 400WHP, but it would be on the verge of blowing up!

Going up a little in compression would be fine, but in the end it would limit the amount of boost or power you would get from pump fuel. But on race fuel, that would be a good combo.

The compression ratio we went with is 8.5-1, and with the slightly shorter deck, and heads being milled a little is is somewhere between 8.7 and 8.5.

Balls is easy, i think many people have the drive to do it, but Money! That is the biggest part of this project that people going into it may not quite grasp until you get deep into the project. The cost to do rods and pistons is not too much more than a 4 banger, but when sleeves, and all those other things like headers, and the other custom parts, really add up. Then add labor from someone else doing the work, and the $$ go up quick. For me personally, being able to do all the work cut a huge cost out of it. But a customer walking into a speed shop, saying i want the H6, that is a huge cost to think about.

I don't want to scare people away from doing this, but just to be aware if they are paying someone else to do the work.

Good luck with your build! It will be a huge difference with more displacment, and bigger turbo!

Very nice looking! If there was only more time, we would have left the OEM sleeves and seen what happens. But time forced the sleeves apon us. No big deal, it just adds a little more durability to the build.

The OEM sleeves are about 2/3 the thickness of the STI sleeves. This is just the Iron part of the sleeve. The aluminum part of the sleeve is also smaller than the STI, but HP per cylinder is still lower than the STI, so it should hold up. Key word there..... SHOULD.

Sleeving is stronger, but is it necessary is the question. Jeff Sponaugles engine is going to be all put together tonight, and testing will begin!

It is nice to see others doing this build, but i think this deserves it own thread.

If i decided to build a second block, it will be nothing more than stock sleeves, pistons and rods. I think for 500 daily WHP this is plenty.

This method is a great alternative to sleeves. The Honda world has been doing this forever and it is very well proven. Normally it is a simple insert that is pressed into the block, then welded, then machined. The above version looks like some blocks added for webbing, then welded then machined. I do like this, and it would save about $3000 for the build.
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