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Originally Posted by IIdiceII View Post
Someone needs to post pictures of everything they used

im usually clueless when it comes to sanding, tack cloths etc.

what degreaser should I get?
what sand paper?
what type of tack cloth?

can someone make me a list with everything included except the spray paint and i can just hand it to the guy at my local parts store and let him find it all for me
I was about to go off on a noob until I saw it was you lol Check out the the many threads on fixing and repainting wheels. But, to narrow it down for you, all of the threads link to I used a write up that was posted on here but was originally linked to an audi forum where a member fixed his curbed wheel. I was trying to keep this thread all about pictures and which paints were used but I guess if we get it out of the way now, less people will ask how it was done. If I find the write up, I'll post it here but it's quite simple if you're just going to repaint.

Clean wheels with dishwashing soap (Dawn, etc.) to remove oils. Rub wheels down with a light paint thinner or brush cleaning solution. Wash again with dish soap. Lightly wet sand (wet wheel, wet sand paper, and keep both wet while sanding) just to scuff up the paint. There is no need to remove all the paint, all you want to do is remove the clear coat and scuff it up so the new paint sticks. Apply a good primer. I used a scratch filler primer because it's thicker and more durable. Once dry, apply a very THIN coat of paint. It should be cloudy and you should still see some primer showing through. Apply about 3 more coats. There is no need to make the wheel shiny, that's what the clearcoat is for. Wait a few hours for it to dry if it's hot/sunny out, I usually wait overnight just to be safe. You don't want to apply the clearcoat if the paint hasn't completely set. Apply clear coat, I used high gloss. Some people wax/buff their wheels but I've never done that so someone else can comment on that.
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