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As of now, I am for it (don't know the 'whole story'). The fact of the matter is, a person can walk around a vehicle as many times as they want, but when they step into the driver's seat...that small area directly behind the car is a permanent blindspot. Someone could theoretically check behind the car, walk bacwards whilst watching the rear section, hop in, and immediately continue checking the rear though. It is true that better driver training/requirements (which I am also for) can only go so far.

It does not make sense to me that we can freely operate 3,000+ lb (even greater size/weight/blindspots with SUVs (which are especially common with families)) vehicles, and so frequently use that blinded area.

If the stats are correct, it could theoritcally save money. Less accidents means less strain on public service. Time could be saved because the 'back up procedure' would take less time.

Some things I would; however, want is that the camera(s) either cover a very large area behind the car, including 'looking down the lanes' to the left and right such that a person can rely completely on the system, or, look only at the small blindspot area (with some overlap) such that people don't get a false sense of security from it.

In fact, an 'all emcompassing' camera setup could make driving much safer. We could turn the rear view mirror area into a set of screens that utilize a series of cameres to show a sort of 'panorama' shot around the sides/rear of the car. Camera locations: standard side mirrors, C-pillar (looking in the direction of the common 'blindspot'), top/rear/center of the hood, and the bottom/center of the bumper (this one may actually be better mounted somewhere near the rear diff).

A less complicated setup could just make little camera 'pods' mounted inside the car where the cameras just look out the rear window.

With this setup, someone would only have to look to one location for all 'rear view' info, allowing for more time with eyes forward, and greatly reducing the effect of someone moving into one area while you are looking at another. Last but not least...when cars have it, so will semi trucks and fleet vehicles with 'boarded up' windows.

I understand the 'laissez fair' idea, but there is a proper balance between anarchy and dictatorship. I think this falls in the middle as the potential benefit greatly outweighs the cost.
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