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Seriously. You are wrong on pretty much everything you said. At this point I have to assume that all your experience lies in another manufacturer, because not much of anything of what you said applies to subarus. As such, it should never have been posted,=.

The largest gains by far come from the exh manifolds and Turbo's exh housing, with the TGVs in a 3rd. The throttle body port is ALMOST worthless, but is easy enough to do, that you may as well.

If you werent such a bonehead you would understand that while PEAK gains are not that large (as we have always said), the gains are HUGE when it comes to driveability. The difference in boost response from just the exh housing port is night and day, 300+rpm faster spool from ONLY the exh housing. The gains is the lower RPM ranges are very noticeable, and boost is carried out to redline better as well. Going on/off/on throttle, the boost comes back much faster as well.

Extrusion honing was proven COMPLETELY useless on Subaru's years before you got here. You SHOULD have already known this. But instead you damn near sat there recommending it. Based on your post, someone who really doesnt know better could end up sending their stuff out to be extrude honed, and the result would be the same as it was years ago, they would have flushed their money down the toilet, and messed up their part. Way to go

again, 14PSI before 3000rpm, 21+ before 3500 on a VF22 on a 2.0. But hey, porting is a waste of time right?

I hate you effing idiots that go around handing out bad info, all you do is pollute the tech forums with your completely knowledge free drivel, and cause people to spend money on things that dont work, or do things that may damage their motor.

Guys like me on the other hand have poured years of time trying to get good info out there and to keep the info in here relevant and more importantly TRUE. Your post, for the most part was bad, untrue, uneducated guess CRAP.

Please refrain from opening your e-mouth until something worthwhile can come out of it. I dont see that happening anytime soon.
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