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Default Sleep...How much is good, how much is bad

I have recently changed my sleeping habits due to job change and was wondering what the consequences are going to be/not be.

I used to be completely useless unless I got at least 9 hours of sleep

Now I average about 5 to 6 (1 hour naps included) and am pretty active. I work 40 hour weeks, go to school full time, box in the amateurs, go to gym and party.

How much sleep is optimal
9+ hours of sleep is bad or good?
Can I catch up on sleep? (ie: average 6 hours of sleep most of the week and sleep 14 hours once a week)
Whats optimal for an active person?
What are side effects of sleep shortages?
etc, etc, etc.

Any links to legit articles about sleep studies would be help
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