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Originally Posted by frenchie View Post
the method 6 hours or less during the week and 14hrs the week end doesn't really work efficiently.
I've been doing that for the past month and I can feel the difference. I usually also need 9hr/night.
At the moment, I am much more irritable, I have difficulties to concentrate on something for a long time, I'm getting a bad cold and I drink ton of tea everyday to be able to stay awake during meetings..But yeah i see you point in willing to keep active and social..I'm still hoping that my body will get use to it.

You will get used to it, your body at least does. But, be warned, it will hit you at a point where you NEED sleep, like there is no choice, you can try to fight it but you will literally fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow and will not wake up until you are rested even if a canon goes off next to you.

I find time to get sleep eveywhere. On the way to the bar if someone is driving, on the way to the club, in between classes, pre boxing naps are money
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