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Originally Posted by jasonallenross View Post
How do YOU feel?

I know I'm getting enough sleep when:
- I wake up BEFORE my alarm clock goes off, or on the first beep
- I am not constantly seeking sweets during the day

If you are pushing yourself out of bed, drinking a pot of coffee, drinking caffeinated soda and then still feeling tired you aren't getting enough sleep.

Generally, you can't "make up" sleep by going longer on the weekend -- get that sleep during the week consistently and you will do better.

Well here is the strange part:
BEFORE i used to not be able to fall asleep until 2 am every night when I got 9 hours of sleep and would still struggle to get up (fighting with the alarm and such)

NOW I get 6 hours if I am lucky and I sleep like I am dead and get up the moment the alarm rings ( I am not happy about it but I do it)

I can't exactly figure out whether its becuase I will lose my job if I am late or what...but I kind of like it
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