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US supercar misses Veyron's record

The Bugatti Veyron's status as the world's fastest production car is safe for now. American sports car maker Shelby Supercars' attempt to send a twin-turbocharged version of its Ultimate Aero beyond 250mph is reported to have ended yesterday with a maximum recorded speed of 230mph, 23mph short of the Veyron's 253mph record.

SSC's attempt at the production car top speed record has been widely publicised, but few predicted that bad weather would get in the way. March 21 was due to be the day it closed a 12-mile stretch of Elko County's Highway 93 for the run, but snow forced them to regroup yesterday (March 22), when only test runs of two miles were deemed safe.

Veteran road racer Rick Doria was the man picked to drive the 1183bhp SSC. On his first test run, he reported wheelspin when shifting into 6th gear at 190mph, and went on to 221mph. On his second attempt, the Ultimate Aero hit a maximum 230mph within the two-mile test stretch, and was only using 50 per cent throttle in top gear at that speed. He's reported to have said that the car would comfortably break the Veyron's 253mph top speed given a longer run.

The word is that Shelby Supercars is going to make another attempt at the record within weeks;
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