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Originally Posted by WRX1 View Post
Well, in my finding of running air temp probes before and after the ic, I didn't really see much of a difference in temps between the b/p and the t/f. And to further throw things, I never seen a difference in air temps between a tmic and a fmic (while driving). Where the tmic gets into trouble is when you start getting into stop and go traffic. Which brings me to my next point. through all of my testing, the biggest factors that I have found is a larger scoop (sti), a good scoop to ic seal, and some kind of splitter that will send some of the sir to the front of the ic. This will not make the air temps any cooler, but what it does is lower the speed the car needs to be moving to see the air temps lower and make the cool down process happen quicker. With a good seal and a splitter with a sti scoop, I found at about 30 mph you can watch the post ic air temps start to drop (if the ic was heat soaked) and it usually only takes 1/2 to 3/4 mile for them to get almost down to ambient temps. Now, there are many things that I have found to effect this. Short ram intake=junk. You are sucking in the hot underhood air and it makes the cool down time HUGE. I will have to dig for some of my pics of my setup.

Hmmmm. Here's something interesting.

Ever since my TMIC situation wasn't ideal (small saabaru scoop, no splitter for a while), I monitored the temperature of my ic for a while via the hand test.

The stock splitter/shroud (not really a splitter, really only a shroud) was removed because the surface areait covered was less than half of my upgraded Turbo XS TMIC. Of course, my splitter was getting ridiculously hot under these conditions. No turbo blanket or heatshield at the time.

I also have a short ram intake, so I'm sure that made it worse. Before I made a custom shroud for my TMIC, I bought a Cusco heatshield and lined the entire underside of it with a heat repelling/absorbing material. Voila! My IC was always cool enough to touch.

The ic temps were even more improved when I added a modified STI shroud/splitter to my car. Because my scoop is way too small to fit the entire splitter, the splitter section was removed and only the shroud was used. I wish I could get some air splitting benefits, but unless I designed an entire custom one, this is impossible since my hood scoop is way too small.

Either way, my IC was VERY cool to the touch after very spirited driving. I'd drive hard, stop, drive hard, stop, and the IC was always very cool to the touch every part of the surface.

Then I installed my water injection kit. It currently stays off because it isn't tuned completely, so I keep my car on a low-octane map. When we installed the kit, I removed the factory intake piping for the silencer. I used to keep the cold-air piping that went to the intake box because I thought it forced cool air into the K&N filter on the intake. I figured it worked pretty well because the K&N filter always had a ton more debris where the factory piping faced. I've actually noticed my TMIC seems to get hotter lately than it did before, and the only changes I can relate to are is the factory cold-air piping being removed. Would this change the TMIC temps?
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