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Originally Posted by AnnapolisSubaruSales View Post
I just hope that you guys realize that this is exactly what needed to happen to the Impreza to become competitive in the small car market. Only a few of you on here actually sell these cars (or parts for them) and you don't understand (or don't want to understand) the business aspect of selling cars.

The number one complaint I got on the 2.5i is the interior. The interior in the Impreza has been almost identical since 2002, and in the same general area since 1998. That seems to have been remedied with the 2008. Some of you complained that the exterior is bland - what else do you expect? Subaru didn't really hide the fact that this redesign would be more main-stream in appearance.

OK, so some of you feel that it is no longer a performance car. It never really WAS a performance car. It was an economy car that just so happen to have 220HP.

The WRX will still sell, but the 2.5i is going to become the bread-and-butter of Impreza sales for Subaru. What would you rather have: a more main-stream car that appeals to a lot of people that sells a lot of cars, or have your beloved Subaru go out of business entirely?

I'm in agreement. I've been somewhat "defending" the car left and right, but a lot of people told me to shut up.

We saw the same thing happen in 2001, though (with the intro. of the MY2002 cars).

Anyway, good points. And besides, these photos (and they are only photos - everyone said the Ferrari Enzo was ugly, in photos.......) don't show the car with any add-ons really. Certainly no modifications, which everyone will do anyway.

MY2005 saw a large improvement to the interiors, but the MY2008 seems to be a *huge* step in the right direction, IMO. Yeah I miss the white gauges like the ones in my MY2000 2.5RS, but so what? Here we have a beautiful layout, much like the Tribeca design which has been so universally loved (on the interior, at least ). And now it's in the Impreza.

The WRX brakes are probably the same as the ones on the MY2005+ Legacy GT, which means a good step over and above the 4-pot/2-pot calipers, and just a step below Brembos. Which I'm sure the STI will get, again. Not to mention that the rear suspension is now like the Legacy, a great blessing to a lot of the suspension/handling folks.

I like hatchbacks - a lot of other people don't. They're ridiculously utilitarian, and I give Subaru kudos for trying to get the design back in to the American market. I know about how well we tend to receive them, but who knows. The Mini Cooper sold like hotcakes, but even that is a baby Bimmer now, which starts cheap but climbs in price as you add on one of the million options.

I firmly believe that people will love this car, in its due time. Just a lot of yappin' until then.

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