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Originally Posted by Endlesshine View Post
I keep going back and forth on this one. Paul, thanks a ton for the pics of the hatchback. I like the hatch, but the tail lights and wheels have to go, and I just wish they put a bit more OOMPH on those wheel fenders. And yeah, the Chrysler front grill makes me want to stick my finger down my throat. But.. it's a hatch..I think it looks far sportier than the wagon for that very reason.

Ron - No problem. In person, the front end (grill and headlights) reminds me of the previous generation Chevrolet Impala (2000-2005):

I don't like it.

Originally Posted by silverF4turbo View Post
quick photoshop based on Lone Wolf 75's picture....

...because Subaru didn't spend long enough on the drawing boards.

uhm... say the giant hood scoop feeds a ram air intake now
All Subaru has to do is add the pizza-pie sized fogs that we had from 1998-2003, get rid of the wing grill and put the emblem in the center of the grill, slap some updated 5-spoke gold wheels on it and now we are getting somewhere.

Originally Posted by Siper2 View Post
I'm in agreement. I've been somewhat "defending" the car left and right, but a lot of people told me to shut up.

We saw the same thing happen in 2001, though (with the intro. of the MY2002 cars).

Anyway, good points. And besides, these photos (and they are only photos - everyone said the Ferrari Enzo was ugly, in photos.......) don't show the car with any add-ons really. Certainly no modifications, which everyone will do anyway.

MY2005 saw a large improvement to the interiors, but the MY2008 seems to be a *huge* step in the right direction, IMO. Yeah I miss the white gauges like the ones in my MY2000 2.5RS, but so what? Here we have a beautiful layout, much like the Tribeca design which has been so universally loved (on the interior, at least ). And now it's in the Impreza.

The WRX brakes are probably the same as the ones on the MY2005+ Legacy GT, which means a good step over and above the 4-pot/2-pot calipers, and just a step below Brembos. Which I'm sure the STI will get, again. Not to mention that the rear suspension is now like the Legacy, a great blessing to a lot of the suspension/handling folks.

I like hatchbacks - a lot of other people don't. They're ridiculously utilitarian, and I give Subaru kudos for trying to get the design back in to the American market. I know about how well we tend to receive them, but who knows. The Mini Cooper sold like hotcakes, but even that is a baby Bimmer now, which starts cheap but climbs in price as you add on one of the million options.

I firmly believe that people will love this car, in its due time. Just a lot of yappin' until then.

I agree, add-ons will make this car look better, but ideally it would look just right out of the box. I must be getting old because I would rather not have to mod the car anymore to get it to the point where I like it (at least visually). Still, I did this with my '02, and may also tweak the next car I purchase (which unfortunately looks like it's not going to be a Subaru).

I've driven the Tribeca, it's a very comfortable car and has a well-designed interior. If I was looking for a family vehicle, it would be on the top of my list. The incorporation of some of the features of the Tribeca interior into the Impreza is a good thing. I was hoping Subaru would also carryover the Tribeca's electronic HVAC controls, but the Impreza is the entry-level car. Maybe as an option or in a few years?

Originally Posted by Siper2 View Post
Oh, the one thing I'm not sure about is the plastic intake manifold. I understand why they probably did it, with aluminum costs and all, but...

I just saw something on TV, some auto program I think on PBS. They were showing the manifold holes/ports (not sure what they're called) on a plastic version, which had essentially collapsed or melted, so to speak.

Guess that can happen under certain conditions. Probably abuse and/or neglect, but...
The plastic intake manifold is suspect to me as well. I cannot get my Mechanical Engineering Mind to wrap my brain around that concept. I have a feeling that they did it to save on cost ($ plastic<<$ aluminum). This looks like good old ABS plastic, which doesn't like heat. Sure there are super high temperature resistant polymers out there, but they are much more expensive than aluminum. I need to know more about it before I pass judgment on it though, I cannot believe that Subaru would do something as foolish as replacing a metal intake with a weaker plastic one.

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