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Originally Posted by Siper2 View Post
Paul (Lone Wolf 75),

Yeah I think the Tribeca HVAC may be a later option. The '08 Impreza so far is just the first-year car. More always comes, later.

I know very little about the plastic vs. aluminum intake argument, so I'll sit back for now, too.

My wife and I took a spin in two '07 cars, an Outback H-6 (which has a *lot* more grunt than her '01 version, wow!!!) and a Tribeca. She still likes the Outback better. Tribeca's interior was great, but she didn't like the handling or the appearance.

I agree that it's nice to have a car that looks great from the factory, but I've seen very few cars that satisfy that need, for me. I think if you want that, you've got to get in to BMW ///M or Audi S territory, that kind of thing. STI arguably, but a lot of people don't like the big wings and stuff.

Otherwise, you're talking about commuter cars, some of which have a performance advantage. Like the WRX. I mean, lots of people pine after the GC-series cars, still, for example. I still have my '00 RS, I love it to death...
But the classic Impreza, before the STi came out, was a pretty freakin' boring coupe/sedan/wagon. Add some big foglights, a new bumper, spoilers, a hood scoop.....

...and eventually you end up with the 22B. I don't know... point being, judgment on this car's longevity and appeal simply cannot be made, based upon first-year production shots.


Well it looks like the Tribeca HVAC will fit in the dial spaces, so that is probably to come in a few years. After having rented quite a few cars with electronic HVAC controls in my travels, I feel like that is a creature comfort that my next car should have.

I'll have to look into the plastic intake. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for industrial diesel gensets, but I think those tend to run a bit hotter than our car engines.

Car styling is highly subjective, and it seems that you do pay for it. I do like the looks of all Ferraris, most Porsches, the 350Z, and the M Series BMWs out of the box. Of course, I really can only afford the 350Z out of those, I just have to question the practicality of it (maybe if I keep my WRX too). I remember when the "New Age" Impreza was released (seems like yesterday) and everyone was up in arms because it was so different than the first generation, which had evolved into a very aggressive looking car from the very first bare-bones Imprezas, which looked like the Geo Prisms/Toyota Corollas of the day. Back in those days I would have laughed at anyone that told me I would be driving a Subaru (and would own two).

Time will tell. I'm probably going to hold out from purchasing a new car until the new STi is revealed. In the meantime, I 'll continue to enjoy driving my bugeye.

Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Is the WRX hood aluminum or steel?
It is steel, hence the new hood struts used to open it.

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