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Default SCIC Hip Hop Heads???!?!!!!!!

This would have been a good i-Club Hip Hop meet:


Kooyaa, its nice to see you come out from the shadows. I had thought every other i-Clubber was just into Trance, KROQ, and all that other stuff. I like that too, but its hard to run into true heads on this board. So far the only two I knew were Subie Newbie and maybe Codemunky. ;p

You guys mentioned some great MC's: Chali 2na, Mos Def, Nas (Illmatic era)...very well skilled.....and even nicer when paired up with DJ Premier, one of my all-time favorite artists. This is the only guy that can save Canibus from falling off completely IMO.

Numerik, never seen you post either. I haven't been to Fat Beats since I bought my Jedi Mind Tricks tix. I've got to see whats up there, they're still on Melrose?

I hope we can get a meet at an upcoming event we can all attend. Audiotistic is kind of expensive and might be oversold, so I'll check out other options. Late.

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