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Just came back from Doug Smith to get my 02 WRX fixed before making a 1200 mile trip home for summer. For a while now, the car has pulled insanely hard to the right to the point where I can't let go of the wheel or I'll slam into other cars. Also, when boosting at higher RPM's, there's a loud screaming that coincides with the RPM's till it starts sputtering. During this, I lose an immense amount of power to the point that it feels like I've hit a brick wall and can't accelerate any faster. From what I've read, this indicates a pre-turbo exhaust leak. These two things are so obvious that a retarded homeless person could easily point them out even if he'd never been in a car before in his life.

Well, in addition to waiting for a shuttle service to take me back to Provo for 3 hours (which never came for me), the rep comes back to me and tells me that they didn't find anything wrong. I had to ask him to repeat himself because I was so stunned. Of course, I signed a paper agreeing to pay 85 dollars for an assessment fee that would be waved if they found anything significant to work on. I signed it, thinking that there's now way the mechanics could be that stupid or lazy that they wouldn't find anything. I guess I was wrong.

Well, I asked the rep if he was sure and he said he was but that he'd make sure one last time. He came back with the news that nothing had changed, handed me my keys and directed me to the counter to pay the 90 bucks (with tax) for wasting my whole day and making me miss the last class of the semester which was fairly important to go to. Still pretty stunned, I got in the car and took off. Well, I hadn't even gotten on the highway when I realized that there was NO way I could let that stand. I accelerated again to make sure the boost was still sputtering and I let go to make sure it was still pulling. They were. So I turned around and went back.

Well, since the person who worked on my car was at lunch, I talked to the head guy and he took it out. 15 minutes later he comes back and it's the same story. It was clear to me that they didn't want to work on it, and honestly I didn't want my car to be at their mercy when they hated my guts.

End of story, NEVER go to Doug Smith for repairs. Hell, I won't ever go there for anything, except maybe to talk to the owner about the events that have transpired.
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