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Default Kinda stupid gague question. and j/s question..

Alright. well am slowly making steps moving to AFI. I got the turbo, turbo back exaust is almost there, fuel, knock and engine management is in route to my home. But I figgured Mabye I should start installing parts as they get here. Well I got my EGT, Tranny temp (auto) and Boost gagues. I was thinking why not install my Tranny temp and boost right now...well the question is...Can I install boost at the N/A status? I know the gague does read vacume...but is it possible?

Also does anyone know when the j/s 2's are shipping for preorder people...I was told "I am on top of the list" because I orderd two and prepaid for them a long time ago. I have yet to get in contact with him. I called a few times and got I don't know. Has anyone recieved them?
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