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Default Stage 2 Plus Engine($2799)/sti >bigport< Heads($999)/sti Ej20($1999)/ej22 Forged!

Hey guys,

Got lots of engine goodies!

This engine is the ultimate forged short block available without sleeving. The GS650 PLUS starts life as a regular STI shortblock. First we replace the weak hyper-cast stock pistons with custom spec forged units (race coated). Not only are the pistons significantly stronger than the stock units the pistons are substantially lighter too. We then address the connecting rods. The rods are replaced with Helix +2mm forged H-beam rods held together with ARP L-19 bolts. The super-strong forged rods coupled with the best rod bolts available on the market allow for high RPM operation. The crankshaft is then modified with our proprietary techniques creating a crankshaft similar to the $2000 STI race crankshaft used on the WRC cars. The bearings are swapped out in favor of Gruppe-S coated race bearings. This addresses all the common main failure points of the stock STI 2.5 engine – spun bearings, cracked pistons, and damaged rods. FOR MORE INFO:

*Gruppe-S / Wiseco Custom Forged Pistons
*Gruppe-S Detonation Resistant piston coating
*+2mm Long Rod Ratio Design
*Coated High Performance Rod & Crankshaft bearings
*Helix +2mm Forged Connecting Rods with ARP L19 Rodbolts
*Reworked high RPM crankshaft (Nitrided & Cross-Drilled)
*Professionally balanced and assembled
*Capable of up to 650HP Operation

$2799 + core!!!* (ONE AT THIS PRICE)
*Core charge is $500 and will be refunded upon receipt of a good working core (low compression is ok, cracked / scored cylinder walls is not).

*Gruppe-S / Wiseco Custom Forged Pistons
*Coated High Performance Rod & Crankshaft bearings
*Helix Forged Connecting Rods
*Professionally balanced and assembled
*Closed deck design for high boost applications
$1999 + Shipping (ONE AT THIS PRICE)
NOTE: Picture is a stock picture, if you want pictures of the actual block please e-mail!

Guys, these are the ULTIMATE heads for the EJ20. These ports are bigger than the USDM WRX, and even bigger than the JDM or USDM STI!!! That's right they are bigger than the 2.5 STI heads.

These heads are found on the late model Limited Edition Legacy STI, with its 280HP and 8000RPM engine, these heads feature the latest innovations in performance heads including a high performance valvetrain, shimless buckets, and hollow cored cams. These are twin avcs heads, but we have taken the liberty of deleting the exhaust side AVCS so you can run either single AVCS or none. We recommend STI exhaust cam gears to be used. This setup will rev to 8500RPM!

Excellent for the modified 2.0 car.

These heads are used for about 10,000 miles and need to be redecked and valvelash reset before use.

Cam gears not included

$999 Shipped!! (ONE AT THIS PRICE)

This engine is pulled from the JDM 2005 Subaru Legacy STI 2.0. This is a GREAT ENGINE. The head ports are HUGE. They are even bigger than the USDM STI head ports. The cams / heads / valvetrain is far superior to the JDM V8 STI engines. The shortblock has forged internals, but it an open deck block.

This is an engine rated at 280 HP and is a single turbo engine (not the twin turbo one of the previous generation). Features include TWIN AVCS, larger duration camshafts (STI "press on lobe" style), better flowing heads, semi-closed deck, and forged internals. This engine is very similar to the JDM STI 2.0 engine. You can opt to leave AVCS unconnected, run a JDM ECU for twin AVCS (you will need the pedal box and gauge cluster for hte DBW t-body) or you can pop out the cams and run WRX or STI cams.

We originally thought this engine had low compression but as it turns out it had some debris on the intake valve on #1. After some carb cleaner compression is now over 90% across the board.

This motor is extremely rare and hard to find (only 400 of these cars produced) and is handbuilt in Japan. Side feed injectors not included (available for $100). Engine is as shown.

$1999 + Shipping!! ONE AT THIS PRICE!

-Custom Wiseco +2mm Pistons
-Aerospace coating to reduce detonation and improve thermal characteristics (same as Cobb)
-Helix +2mm rods with ARP L19
-Longer piston dwell time improves rev range and top-end power
-Gruppe-S Coated Race Bearings
$949 Shipped!!

Please contact us for orders. Thanks!

[email protected]
510-783-4300 fax
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