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Default Is my fuel pump crapping out on me?

I drove out to the city today to run an errand, and when I was stopped at a light, with the radio down, I could hear a loud whining coming from the car. I listened for a bit, and it's coming from the rear passenger side of the car, where the fuel pump is. When the car was idling on the timer, I walked around the car and listened. The whine was REALLY loud. The car doesn't feel any different, but the A/F guage shows it's running a touch leaner under cruise than it was normally. Still well within stoich, however. I thought I felt the car hesitating a little when I was cruising, but I may just be paranoid, since the a/f guage wasn't fluttering into the lean range.

The pump is a Walbro, and it's not even a year old yet.
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