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Default Loosing Boost - Loud howling

Now my car has been running fine for about 2-3 weeks with the turbo kit. On the 5 hour ride from Ithaca to Baltimore the car would start to not build boost and would begin to kinda howl. I could shake the car a little by blipping the throttle and get it to not whine and build boost again. This continued for about 30 mins, increasingly getting worse, to the point where i could no longer build boost at all, just howling.

I pulled over, tightened everything up and i could again build boost with intermittant howls. Its about a week later, and i have tried everything to get rid of this. Basically I can build boost in 1st and 2nd, then when i let off the gas in 2nd the howl and the BOV shoot at the same time. When i gas in 3rd there is the whine (howl) and no boost. I can kinda shake the car a little and begin to build boost again. Once the boost gets to about 4-5 psi the howl takes over and i lose all boost.

Now to me this sounds like a leak, but is extremely loud, like you can actually hear the fan in the turbo, so im not really sure. I have found a small tear in the silicon hose that connects the throttle body and IC. It extended halfway down the hose and is cuts into the hose 1/2 way (all the way through the red on the hose). Now this could very well be the culprit, but would it create such a loud howl? Any other suggestions?

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