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Default More bad GF problems

I have the worst luck with women since Iíve been divorced. I somehow seem to be able to find all the WAPCE out there. The women Iím seeing now and might not be anymore just freaked out on me this weekend for no reason.

Iíve been seeing her for a month now. We had gotten a lot closer in a short time than I wanted us too and she was getting a little to serious to fast (saying she could see us being married) It didnít bother me to much as we had a amazing connection.

Fast forward to this weekend, she lives 1.5 hours away from me so I had been going to see her on the weekends and spending all weekend with her. She had been a little quiet a few days before but she was sick so I didnít think anything of it. I drive up there and she was late getting back to her place, which was the first sign something was up.

She looked really tired and didnít talk too much so I didnít think much of anything. We got to bed and she kind of ignores me until the morning. She has a 7 year old kid who Iíve been around the entire time expect this weekend and I like her. All of a sudden she says she wants to take it slower and doesnít want me around her child until she knows we are really serious, as she doesnít want me to hurt her or the child if we break up. And on top of that she wanted me to leave with in a hour, I was just like wow ok. I was upset somewhat as I drove a long way to be with her.

I donít hear from her for the rest of the day and I txt her saying we need to talk and she IM me. I asked her what was up and she just said it hit me last night and this morning and I wasnít sure about us anymore. I asked why as nothing had changed, she said I just donít know what it is, she said maybe itís the meds sheís on and being sick she just doesnít know.

Then here comes the really bad part, she says there is also something else. She might be pregnant and probably by her ex bf from a few months back. She claimed that her period came the last 2 or 3 months but she was late this time. She also claimed to of gained 10 Ė 15lbs in last 3 Ė 4 months as well which might be related or might not. On top of this Iíve being having sex with her so who knows.

I sent her a txt on Sunday asking what was going on and havenít heard a thing from her since Saturday.

What does the OT think?
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