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EZ as 123

the salesmen, where funny as hell.

as soon as I parked my car a shark(salesman) approached me. I quickly stated that I wanted someone who speaks spanish and as he was turning away he almost tripped when he bumped into a parked car

then I get a Hispanic salesman and greet him. I told him I wanted to see a new WRX wagon. As we were walking to the car, I ask him "where are you from..." he says I'm "Hiatian".
I give him a funny look and start thinking *** (is this guy pulling my leg ?, and at the same time I waned to start laughing).

They only had 1 left (red and the paint was scrached up in a few places). I pop the head and start looking over the engine and he says he'll be right back....

2 minutes later, ANOTHER saleman shows up.
I say "where is the Hiatian ? :monkey:"
"He is getting ready to leave for the day...."
blah, blah, blah.
I was joking with them, they were friendly and down to earth, BUT they wouldn't go down in the price

They told me, it would take 10 weeks (yes TEN weeks) to get the WRX I wanted

thanks for chimming in Matt
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