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Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
The S2K is a very capable H1 car. Scott has a lot of seat time in the car and definately stands a chance at winning. The difference between the S2k and the rest of the cars is that run in H1 is that they may have more motor but the S2k has better handling and brakes and needs to be driven differently. There were not many S2000's running in the series for the reason that they are expensive to run. you can't rotate your tires from front to back as you can with a hatch or coupe, go fast parts are more expensive. If it were in my budget I'd be running that car but it's not so I'll stick with H5 and watching the S2k come up in my mirrors and then disapear in front of me.

They run very very similar lap-times, but the strengths of the swaps on the straights mean they have the advantage when it comes to passing, as most passing even in HC happens at the end of straights.

Scot will have a go at it, like he has in years past. But remember, he sold his last S specifically because he said its not competitive in the series. He only bought the yellow one after missing it. He went into this year thinking he is going to lose like he had in the past.

In any event, if I was running the same lap times, I'd rather have the faster car in the straight line. If most of the passing is in "turn 1" type situations, the S isn't fast enough off a corner to make up for the power difference. Standard case of "catch them in the turns, lose them in the straights". They are tired of trying to out brake them from too far back to get around. If its not a case of being on pole and holding them off with your braking, they aren't winning. Or at least that's how its been in years past.

No H1 S driver that I've talked to seems to feel its a winning combo...I guess you've heard differently?
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