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Originally Posted by BHawk View Post
That kind of sucks. You would think they would at least want the S2K to have a chance to win. Setting the rules so that they are uncompetitive seems kind of stupid. I certainly wouldn't want to run in that silly series. They really should limit all the cars to similar acceleration and grip levels based on weight tires and maybe inlet restrictors. I know it is tough to do, but if you don't have the time or ability you shouldn't be organizing a series to begin with. I may not like what NASCAR has become or the way they race, but their management guys have their act togethor compared to other forms of motorsports in the U.S. Until we get ours together we have no hope of stealing any of NASCAR's popularity. Wow sorry that turned into kind of a rant. I guess maybe I had been wanting to say all that for a while.
If you are capable of determining inlet restrictor and tire size to equalize a couple thousand different combinations of engine, chassis, weight etc. at different preparation levels, I am sure that any of the Honda Challenge rulesmakers would love your assistance!

Those who do make the rules are acutely aware of the imbalances present already, but you do have to be VERY careful to keep newer/potentially significantly more expensive cars from running over the class. At that point you may very likely lose a significant portion of your grassroots audience (remember, this is an AMATEUR series) If you want $80k+ compact Honda/Acura products, Grand Am Cup ST-class is not that far away. It's also a whole new world of hurt on the wallet because it's a pro series. In the meanwhile, I am guessing that NASCAR is somewhat safe from Honda Challenge...

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PS- Honda Challenge is just one series that NASA runs. They share the track with other groups. H1-H2 cars have frequently run in the "Big Bore" group with Factory Five, American Iron etc. series while H3-H5 have shared track time with the "Small Bore" type group with Spec Miata, 944 Cup and such.
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