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Angry AC problems with my Forester

Ok, I understand that this is the Baja forum, but anyway, here you go. My 04 Forester's AC wasn't working this spring. I just took it into the service dept (Russell Subaru, Catonsville, MD). They recharged the system, and said bring it back if the AC wasn't working. (total cost $222, but that included an oil change. Figure the diagnostics were $180, pretty darn high if you ask me! ). I took it back the next day (trip Number 2). They then said that both pressure hoses were leaking, and it would cost another $630 to fix it. I said F that, and called Subaru USA to complain. I suggested that for a car not even 3 years old to have these parts fail was ridiculous. After going back and forth, they suggested that they would cover 1/2 of the second cost (none of the first). Well, if you're trapped by the service guys, what do you do. I said whatever, and took it back in. (Trip #3) I get a call later that day, they've managed to order in the wrong parts. I then take it back in this last week (trip #4). The AC is fixed......sort of. The air that's now coming out is mildly cool, but certainly not cold.

So......what should I do? I realize now that I should have insisted on getting back the "defective hoses", (still maybe possible, they just worked on it on Friday).

Do these charges seem rather high?

Also, as a note, I noticed that the shop adds on a Total Misc. Charge, this time of $50. I asked what that was. I was informed that covers shop rags and lubricants and such. I suggested that was way too much. I was then told that they add 17% to all labor charges, max of $50.

Now I don't mind paying reasonable rates, and I do understand that things fail, but jeez, it doesn't make me feel too happy with ole Subaru in general, and this service dept. in particular.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and any and all comments will be much appreciated.

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