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Originally Posted by PacmanGSX View Post
Ok, so here's the series of events Friday night.

Drive to the track, stop 2 miles away and dump the gas in.
Tech and all that good stuff (Yea i'm gonna run 13's blah blah blah)
Line up for the first run, 12psi off the line, 1.9 60' with the tires spinning, [email protected]

Second run; another tiring spinning launch (Didn't want to snap the axles) 11.86 @121.

So here's where I'm starting to get agitated, banging the 1-4 clutchless with my good ole PPG 1-4 Dogset and only 11.86. I couldn't figure it out, I mean i know the 60' sucked but that was by choice. (My average 60' in my own car is between 1.60 and 1.65) So I hook the utec up and go for another run to check the boost, AH HA! only 28psi.... Turned the boost up to 32psi and let it rip. What a time to get the run, I look to my left and there is a 35R EVO. Tree drops, I'm off, clutchless 1-2 off the rev limit, still next to him, clutchless 2-3 off the rev limit and then it just right back to the rev limit. At this point i'm yelling at the car.... Stupid clutch. The twin plate had been sitting in Jamie's tool box for months. I guess it wasn't in such good shape anymore.

So the moral of the story is, I trapped 121 on low boost not launching the car, so with axles and a good clutch.... Low 11's maybe a high 10.


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PS- the axles will hold 1.7-1.6 launches no problem... just beware of wheel hop... from spinning too much.
make sure you insure equal tire pressures left to right and line up square to where the rubber is being laid.
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