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*drools over white '00 L*

well, you could do the pipe, but I wouldn't recommend it. This would be MUCH louder on a 2.2 than a WRX, for sure. I've heard Khaos'('02 WRX) straight pipe, and while it sounds nice(a little loud), it's also being muffled by a turbo and three cats, whereas you have just a cat or two(can't remember how many cats are on the '00 L).

1. I'm with ya... wanting mods while broke sucks big time.

2. if you want sound that bad, get a cheap $40 Dynomax turbo muffler and axle-back piping for it... it won't sound like a SS Brullen or anything, but it WILL add some sound and maybe a bit of power as well. a straight pipe would be fairly loud in the cabin(cops probably wouldn't like it either) and you'd have to expect some low end power losses. if you wanna hear what it basically sounds like, dissconnect your muffler from the midpipe(just two bolts) sometime then take it out for a drive, you'll see what it sounds like... I'd base my purchase from that.

3. there are much better ways to reduce weight than just the muffler... start by pulling off things you don't actually NEED
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