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Hi guys, I guess I will take some time to response to your questions. I have purchased these WRX new from Subaru direct through Erisson (the cell phone co). They were sponsoring a spec race series in Asia in 1998 running in tracks all over So.East Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, the new F-1 track in China and finally on the street course in Macau during the Macau GP in November. I and a friend flew over there and did some of these races. After the season was finished, there were 40 WRX STIs and was all sold off to some Australian dealer since the WRX STI is the most wanted car there. A few cars were destroyed during the races. I bought out my friend's car and shipped them back here. According to my knowledge, there were 3 of these cars in L.A. One was recently sold to the East coast and I have the other two. First, I had to find a trust worthy custom broker to take care of the proper paper worK flow as 1 set went to US custom, one set to EPA in Washington, one set to the DOT. Before the cars went on the boat in a 40' container, I have to have all bunch of photos,and documents from the race organization in Asia to proof that these cars are indeed race cars and not street cars with numbers stuck on. I have a custom broker that knows how to import vehicles and it went smoothly until the cars were at the dock in Long Beach. DOT did not want to release the cars for they said that the cars were too closely related to the street version which they are. The cars were then put into a bonded warehouse while I was writing letters and more photos to DOT in Washington. 4 weeks went by, they finally granted me a permit to import. I picked up the cars after paying $1,200 of storage fee and would I do it again...NO. As to the other question about bringing a wrack car in and and using the parts to convert your US spec RS. I have been there and done that. I have a US spec. RS converted into a WRS. I drive this car once in a while just to blow people's mind. The conversion is not a simple job. It took 2 of my shop crew and a year of pulling hair out to complete. The conversion including the complete Japanese wiring harness, suspension, gear box, drive line engine and the padel set up. The Japanese engine is designed with all the linkage, exhaust and chassis cross member all in the wrong places, and you will have to purchase WRX rear end as the RS rear end will not work. Even the selection of the WRX rearends need to match with the gear box for the WRX rear end ratio either comes in 4.1 or 4.44 ratio. After the engine was fired up, you have to reroute the brake line, throw away the ABS system, then you nightmare begins...because by now you would have to make hundreds of wires mate up, eliminated, connected to make your guages, AC, power window, heater, defogger, electric mirror, sunroof, stereo and so on to work properly. Believe me, I wouldn't do it again.You could still bring in wracked cars from Asia as parts relatively easy. You have to work with someone in Asia to do the buying and shipping for you. I know that there some of these engine from wrack cars suffered many undetectable damages (cracks, bent, etc.)especially from the cylinder head areas. They don't necessary need to cut up the part car to ship, you just end up paying for a 20' container just to ship your car alone. The going rate to ship is about $2,200 for a 20' container. The import duty is minimal. Add custom brokage fee to clear custom, my guess $350-$700. Then you pay for inland transportation for a trucking co. to bring you the container to unload. The cost depends on how far you are from the dock. So you have the load down...and please, don't do it. Good luck guys. TCRA2
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