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2002-2003 WRX, WRX Wagon, 2.5RS, 2.5 TS Wagon, Outback Sport

Strut tops and Camber Plates
Camber Bolts
Strut Bars
Swaybars and Swaybar mounts/bushings
Wagon Differences


The following have a specific fitment for 02-03 WRX and RS, and all of the following spring and strut top fitment with these is the same as it is for the stock struts.

2. KYB GR2
3. Koni Inserts (not a complete strut, see here for install
4. Tokico HP
5. Tokico D-SPEC
6. STi/SPT Version 7

To use OEM or aftermarket struts that have a specific fitment for 04-07 RS, WRX, or 04 STi, you must use 04+ style rear strut tops and 04+ springs.

05+ STi struts will not fit.

Wagons are different, see notes below.


Springs for 02-03 Impreza RS or WRX will fit.

Springs designed for 04+ Impreza will fit on your 02-03 Impreza struts or 02-03 aftermarket struts, but you must use 04+ rear strut top mounts and the Scooby921 strut spacer. Details on why the spacer is needed available here:

Scooby921 Strut Spacer available here:

Aftermarket springs designed for Impreza STi will be too stiff for stock struts. OEM STi springs work well though.

You can use 04+ springs with 04-07 RS, WRX and 04 STi struts. You must then use 04+ style rear top mounts.

Strut tops and Camber Plates

All 02+ RS, WRX, and STi front strut top mounts and front camber plates will fit the front.

02-03 rear strut tops fit the rear only with 02-03 springs.

04+ style rear strut top mounts require 04+ style springs.

2002-2007 2.5RS, TS, and 2.5i strut tops are softer then both WRX and STi strut tops (which are the same stiffness). confirmed?

WRX and STi strut tops are the same stiffness. STi strut tops are NOT Group N strut top mounts, which are even stiffer.

Camber bolts

All 02-07 Impreza RS, WRX and STi camber bolts are interchangeable and 14mm.

Strut Bars

Front and rear strut bars from any 02-07 RS, WRX, and STi will fit.


Any complete coilover for 02-07 RS, WRX and 04 STi will fit.

05+ STi coilovers will not fit.

Swaybars and Swaybar mounts/bushings

All rear swaybars for any 02-07 RS and WRX will fit. STi rear swaybars will mount on the outside of the endlinks and their effectiveness is reduced.

04+ RS, WRX, and STi rear swaybar bushings will not fit 02-03 swaybar mounts.

04+ RS, WRX, and STi rear swaybar mounts will fit and are an upgrade but require 04+ swaybar bushings.

Front swaybars for 02-07 WRX will fit, except on RS models.

02-07 Impreza RS require a specific sway bar to clear the non-turbo headers. WRX and STi front swaybars will not fit an RS.


Wagons require wagon specific front endlinks.

Front endlinks from any sedan 02-07 RS, WRX, or STi will fit the sedan.

Rear endlinks from any 02-07 RS and WRX will fit sedan and wagon. STi rear endlinks will not fit.


All rear lateral links and trailing arms for 02-07 RS and WRX, and 04 STi will fit, except from a wagon. Rear Lateral Links from a STi will require rear STi endlinks and STi rear swaybar. Also see notes on wagon differences.

All front control arms for 02-07 RS, WRX and STi will fit. See notes on wagon differences.

All Anti-lift kits for 02-07 WRX and STi will fit.

Fender Braces do not fit non-turbo models.

WRX Wagon, OBS and 2.5 TS Wagon Differences


Struts are specific to the Wagon. While sedan OEM and aftermarket struts and coilovers will fit, you will lose negative camber.

This can be corrected with camber bolts and/or camber plates.

The only upgraded struts that retains stock camber numbers are KYB GR2s and Koni inserts in gutted OEM wagon struts.


Using sedan springs on a wagon often results in a saggy rear end. Prodrive WRX springs are a notable exception. Wagon specific versions are available from a few manufacturers.


Wagon front swaybars are shorter then sedan and require a specific wagon fitment. Sedan bars have been used successfully in certain cases with certain endlinks.


Wagons require wagon specific front endlinks, unless you swap to sedan front control arms.


Front control arms are different. Upgrading to sedan control arms gives you a wider track. It allows you to run sedan front swaybars, of which there are more choices. It also allows you to run sedan struts without losing negative camber, or you can keep your wagon struts and gain negative camber. You will be required to use a sedan front swaybar and sedan front endlinks. It is recommended to use sedan front axles as well, but not required.

Rear lateral links are different. Switching to sedan lateral links requires switching to sedan rear axles.
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